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Unblocked Games 66 Gameplays 236

unblocked Age Of Empires

You can learn how to play the game practically by clicking the TUTORIAL button on the Age Of Empires game menu page. Start the game immediately by clicking START. After examining the entire battlefield with the mouse, there are buttons showing your catapult and soldier types next to your castle.

You start playing Age of empires with 9,000 gold. With every soldier and catapult you take out, your money is running low. You earn money in every enemy soldier you kill. You can fire a maximum of 30 soldiers. This information appears at the top of the screen. Our goal is to protect your castle in the middle area. Enemy soldiers are trying to demolish your castle by attacking your castle. The forces above your castle, catapults and soldiers are visible. Soldiers without power die and the castle and catapults disappear. When your castle is destroyed, you lose the war and the game is over. Play the age of empires game by not bringing the enemy soldiers closer to your castle and killing them while coming towards you.

Game loading!

Skor Oyun

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