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unblocked AGE OF WAR

AGE OF WAR game consists of 5 different ages. There are three difficulty levels: normal “NORMAL”, difficult “HARDER” and very difficult “IMPOSSIBLE”. To get started, we first press the “PLAY” key and then select one of these three difficulty levels.

We start with 175 points and our score appears in the upper left corner. In the upper right corner, the soldiers we will take and the weapons we will use to see the war appear. We start playing the age of war by removing soldiers with 175 points. Our score increases as you kill the enemy soldier. As we release new soldiers and weapons, our score decreases. We produce soldiers and weapons according to our score. These weapons can be assault guns or weaponry. It is necessary to have certain tasks and a certain score in each section to jump ages. Our goal is to protect our pen, kill enemy soldiers and destroy the opponent’s fortress.

New soldiers and new weapons appear in every new age. You have to be more militarily stronger than him by jumping ages before the opponent. In this way, you can destroy his land power more easily and take over his castle. Improve yourself with this war game that will last for ages.

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Skor Oyun

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