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Call of Duty

Call Of Duty game is played by using arrow keys, SPACE (space) and C key on the computer, and by dragging your finger in the round area on the bottom left of the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets. Lean with C. Shoot with the mouse too. On mobile cell phones and tablets, the tip of the barrel fires automatically on the enemy. You fight between the red and blue teams. This war takes place in an abandoned old airport. The team that kills more soldiers in 4 minutes wins the battle. Set the aim of your weapon by shooting at the target point that appears on the screen when the game is first opened. Then dive into the enemy territory and scan the enemy soldiers to play a call of duty game. Destroy the enemy army by doing a real mobile battle online with your teammates. You earn points as you kill enemy soldiers. With these points, you can buy yourself new weapons or improve your existing weapons.

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