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unblocked Cat Gunner vs Zombies

Cat Gunner vs Zombies game is played on the computer with arrow keys and mouse. Control the warrior cat with the arrow keys. Shoot with the mouse too. Perform the same operations by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the screen on mobile cell phones. As a result of the alien attack, we are printing zombies cats in your city. Try to protect your city by killing all of these zombie cats.

Your energy gets low when zombie cats touch you or shoot at you. you die when your energy is completely out and you lose the war. The amount of energy remaining appears in the upper left corner of the screen. You can increase your energy by detonating the barrels in the streets. Fishes of different colors appear as you kill zombie cats and shoot at the illuminated pine trees. Collect these fish and save money in your safe. Click on the WEAPON Button on the menu page and buy new and more powerful weapons from your safe. Likewise, continue to play cat gunner by purchasing a stronger cat from the CAT HERO menu.

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Skor Oyun

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