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unblocked Counter Strike

Counter strike game is played by using mouse and mouse buttons on the computer and by dragging the move button on the bottom left corner of the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets. Click the right mouse button to open the scope of your sniper rifle and click the left button to fire. On mobile phones and tablets, the gun’s aiming point fires automatically when it lands on the enemy. Bounce with the SPACE spacebar. Lean with the C key. When first starting, click on the target board that appears on the screen to adjust your weapon. Battle a square between 2 teams, blue and red. Infiltrate the area of ​​the red team, take their flag and move them to the flag point in your area to score. Play counter strike game by fighting against the soldiers you encounter while infiltrating the enemy zone. When you die, get back into the game by clicking on the list on the screen. You earn points as you kill enemy soldiers. Increase your strength and weapon features with these points. You can also buy new weapons such as bazooka.

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