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unblocked GTA 6

The GTA 6 game is the continuation of the GTA 5 game series. While playing GTA 6, we use direction (OK) keys, “A, S, D, W” keys, “SPACE” spacing and “Z” key. We direct the game hero with the arrow keys and “A, S, D, W” keys. With the “SPACE” spacebar, we can buy bicycles, cars and get out of the car. We enter the building with the “Z” key. We try to fulfill the messages received by the mobile phone and the duties given by the mafia. While playing GTA 6, we can buy and use bicycles and cars on the road. We have to be careful while doing this. If we knock on the alarms while unlocking the cars, the police are chasing us and trying to kill us. We will try to do the tasks given to us while escaping from the police. Our remaining power appears in the upper left corner of the screen. This power gradually decreases as it is shot by the police and crashed by car. When we are finished, we die. In the lower left corner, the map of the mission given to us is shown. Every time we have to go to the place indicated by the green arrow and perform the task. We can also get new missions in places with question marks on the road. To get started, we first need to press the “NEW GAME” button and write our own name. Then we start by selecting “STORY” option. We pass the parts with speech and pictures by pressing the “NEXT” buttons.

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Skor Oyun

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